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Choose Booze Delivery for all of your beer, wine, and liquor deliveries!

Booze Delivery & Liquor Delivery Service has been delivering quick and dependable delivery service to the inhabitants of Cambridge, Ontario for over 20 years to keep you in "good spirits"!

About Us

Deliveries at your door promptly!

For people who cannot visit the LCBO or Beer Store, Booze Delivery & Liquor Delivery Service provides a quick, dependable, and handy service. Booze Delivery is pleased to deliver whether you don't have transportation or are in too much of a hurry to travel! Booze Delivery is a name you can trust, with over 20 years of expertise!

Are you throwing a party? We deliver everything!

Call us for ice, smokes, munchies, soda, and other items.

We also supply soda, munchies, ice, and alcohol. We'll even collect your empty containers for a quick and easy clean-up.

Brands you can trust are delivered quickly.

The LCBO and The Beer Store are legitimate sources for all items.

The Beer Store and the LCBO are where Booze Delivery & Liquor Delivery Service gets its merchandise. So please tell us what you want, and we'll get it for you and bring it to your door.

Beers, Wines, Spirits, Liquors, and More Can Be Ordered

If it's accessible at the LCBO or The Beer Store, we can acquire it in any amount, brand, flavor, or kind you desire! So call us instead of driving if you've had too much to drink.



Booze Delivery & Liquor Delivery Service is ideal for persons with mobility limitations. Call Booze Delivery if you can't drive, don't have access to proper transportation, or are just too busy. You pay the cost of your purchases plus a flat shipping price – there are no hidden fees!

We Pick Up Empty Containers!

We can take it away as easily as we bring it in! To assist with clean-up, we'll collect your empty bottles. We can pick up those bottles for you, so don't let them build up and clutter your home.

What is the procedure for delivering alcohol?

Become a booze delivery member

Our team of experts will contact you to confirm your retail alcohol license and set you up as a booze-delivery alcohol delivery partner.

Orders are received and fulfilled

Customers may use booze delivery to explore your business and make orders. Then, for same-day delivery or pickup, package orders.

Ensure that everything is in order

When buying alcohol, customers agree to provide proof of age.